Our school name changed from Pacific Tree International Language Academy to CET (CEBU ESL & TRAVEL Inc.).
    The website move to new URL https://en.cet-cebuesl.com automatically after a few seconds.
    Thank you.


Please download our documents below as need arises.


 School Brochure  [PDF file : Size approx. 1.6MB]
 This is our Brochure.


 2018 Price List  [PDF file : Size approx. 330KB]
 This is Price List in 2018.


 2019 Local Fee  [PDF file : Size approx. 82KB]
 This is local fee list that you should need pay in CEBU.


 Optional Program  [PDF File : Size approx. 1.1MB]
 This is optional program that we are able to arrange.
 [Short term] educational and cultural exchange in local schools
 [Long term] enrollment in local international schools/local university
 Internship Program(unpaid)
 Teacher Training for teachers of English
 Volunteer activities program
 Company or factory visit


 2019 Holiday Calendar [PDF file : Size approx. 300KB]
 This is Holiday Calendar in CEBU.


 Airport Pick-Up Details [PDF file : Size approx. 1.6MB]
 Thisi is Airport Pick-Up Details that give out this to students applied for airport pick-up service.